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Milesman Premium is the Gold Standard diode laser for hair removal

Provides industry leading technology to achieve best in class results: DUAL SYSTEM CHILLER, HIGH POWER and the RELIABILITY

Uses of the Laser


The Milesman Premium laser is primarily used to ELIMINATE UNWANTED HAIR achieving hair removal for all skin types, including tanned and dark skin.

The Milesman Premium diode laser is also indicated for use in other dermatological procedures including:


The treatment of vascular lesions , such as angiomas, hemangiomas, telangiectasias and other benign vascular lesions


The treatment of benign pigmented lesions


The treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae and hirsutism

System Specifications

Wave length 810 nm
Repetition Rate 1-2-3 Hz  and 10 Hz mode
Spot size 10 x 10 mm 0.39 x 0.39 in
Laser Aperture 9 x 9 mm  0.35 x 0.35 in
Maximal fluence 60 J/cm2 at 30 ms and 100J/cm2 at 400 ms
Pulse Length 5 to 400 ms
Peek power 2000 W
Laser dimensions (WxDxH) 400 mm  X 500mm X 360 mm
Laser Weight 25 kg. 55 lb
Size of the compact refrigeration unit 465 mm x 540 mm x 642 mm
Weight of the compact refrigeration unit 35 kg

Before & After

Learn in detail the results of Milesman Laser.


The photographs were taken using the epiluminescence method. Traditional before and after photos are often shown, but it is difficult to determine whether or not the laser has been effective just by looking at them because a hairless area may simply have been shaven.

In photographs taken with epiluminescence, a camera with an enlargement lens and circular lighting is used. The camera is placed directly on the skin and the light is directed uniformly around the area.

When the light touches the epidermis, it is dispersed and the hair is illuminated from above through reflections of the rays of light. In this way, it is possible to see the hair follicles even when they are not on the surface of the skin.

This technique is an objective way to determine the amount and density of hair after each laser session.


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About the company


A high-tech company that develops gold-standard diode lasers for permanent hair removal.


Milesman is a company doing business more than 30 countries which researches and manufactures advanced technology medical laser equipment. It is divided into departments specializing in Laser Physics, Dermatology, Advanced Optics, Thermodynamics and Laser Chemistry, among others. The production and R&D processes are performed at different plants in Europe and the United States. The company makes use of its own technology developed in conjunction with prestigious universities and international research centers, which gives it a solid base and capacity for sustained growth in the coming years.

One of the company’s main achievements is the Milesman Premium diode laser for hair removal, the most advanced and powerful device on the market with proven results for years.


Milesman premium is present in more than 30 countries

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laser hair removal

Laser Hair removal

Diode laser for hair removal is a proven and efficient technology for over 15 years.


You have probably heard talk about laser hair removal, but are you really familiar with the physical and medical principles on which hair removal is based? Why does a laser remove hair? Why does hair not grow back? What are the differences between lasers and pulsed light for removing hair? Why do sessions have to be held every two to three months? In this video tutorial, discover all the secrets of diode laser hair removal.

Laser vs Pulsed Light


There is a great deal of confusion between laser and pulsed light. In this presentation, you will learn about both technologies and how they interact with skin and hair.

pulsed light

12 Reasons

why MILESMAN PREMIUM is the gold standard laser for HAIR REMOVAL



Diode laser technology endorsed by the international scientific community*


Ultra-cold protection system that protects the skin, leading to less patient discomfort


Portable device


Quick with three pulses per second (enabling coverage of large areas in a short time)


DUAL and fast System: short pulse Mode and 10 Hz multi-pulse mode for tanned skin


Long life diodes


No consumables


Robust device with low maintenance costs


Technical service available in less than 24 hours and guarantee of a back-up laser (in some countries)


Treats all skin types: white, tanned and dark skin.


Easy to use


With the guarantee of international quality certifications FDA, CE 0120, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ANVISA

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Milesman strives for 100% customer satisfaction with all of our Premium Diode hair removal lasers. If you are having technical difficulties with your system please contact us today.



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